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The Ladies of Soestdijk royal exhibition!

Introducing the Aurora Borealis Pendant! One of my most significant high jewelry pieces showing artistry and craftsmanship, specially crafted for an exclusive exhibition at one of the Netherlands' most magnificent royal palaces.


Handcrafted with precision, this pendant boasts exquisite details. It is meticulously fashioned from 18-karat gold and adorned with an array of 573 natural abalone pearls, Paraiba tourmalines, diamonds, and sapphires. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting northern lights, I aimed to infuse a natural, organic, yet contemporary allure into this classical fine jewelry piece. At its heart lies a captivating bi-color Paraiba tourmaline, weighing an impressive 9.48 carats, surrounded by 11 exceptionally rare natural abalone pearls. Some of these pearls have graced my collection for over 15 years, patiently awaiting their moment to shine.


Mark your calendars from October 12th to January 7th, as the pendant takes the stage at the royal exhibition: "De Vrouwen van Soestdijk," which pays tribute to the remarkable women who have graced the palace over centuries, from Mary Stuart to Queen Juliana of The Netherlands.


For tickets please visit


For members of the media, we have an official press release detailing the exhibition and high-resolution images of this exquisite pendant. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you require further information or would like to receive these materials.

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