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investing in gems is always a bit controversial of course like with any investment there are no guarantees but looking at and past market and knowing the current market and common sense we have managed to buy specific pieces that thus far have always gone up with the market 

rairity a short find often means good to buy 

esthetics we look for colors and most important natural colors 

untreated treatments make value goes down

you like it rough ? one of the safest ways for us to invest in stones in not just buying a beautiful gem but often the rough mineral in cases like tourmalines we look for specimens that could potentially cut a stone but could also be atrective to the mineral collecting market so we have more options the moment we try to liquidate them 


passion should also be the drive to invest in gems over hundreds of years prices have over long term never gone down but there might always be a new large deposit etc 

examples in the 19th century amethist was expensive because the color little they knew there where major deposits in south America that would make the price go down 

these days we have more knowledge about what is available so sometimes a small deposit is found but large discovery s to tremble prices are rare 

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